Who we are

We are an architectural metal contractor. We specialize in a variety of architectural metal and glass products ranging from railings, grilles, handrails, gates, etc. We focus mainly on aluminum but have become very well versed in the use and fabrication of other materials, such as stainless steel, wood, and cable systems. We fabricate and install guardrails, handrails, screens, wall paneling, cladding, gates, fences and have done numerous custom fabrications statewide. Jayco is always excited to take on unusual projects as we do have the in-house design build capabilities.

What We Do

Professional expertise


We know that general contractors demand knowledgeable, committed metal fabrication subcontractors that can execute flawlessly to their production schedules.

Pre-Construction Design

The pre-construction is central to the success of the entire project. The entire project’s success is built upon the process even before we begin.

Metal Fabrication

We have been building and refining our high-tech welding services efficiently and professionally. We’ve also added/upgraded our services to meet the changing needs of our customer base.

Construction Management

Our Project Managers (PMs) oversee projects with the ultimate goal of full satisfaction of client’s requirements.


Recent Projects

Heavy-Duty Sliding Gate

Government Facility

Guardrail System

Luxury Condo Downtown

Decorative Grille

Waikiki Hotel

Privacy/Security Louver System

Parking Garage Downtown

Glass Guardrail System

Waikiki Hotel

Fascia/Cladding System

Parking Garage Downtown

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Stylish Gates

Stylish Gates

Stylish gates can be made simple or ornate for your home, business or pool. Dramatic entry points make big impressions and provide the security you need.

Decorative Grilles

Decorative Grilles

Ornamental and architectural grilles of any size and shape can be fabricated to your specifications to enhance your design.

Customized Trellises

Customized Railings

Innovative glass railing solutions that can be used for any stair, deck, pool, guardrail or other suitable application requiring a safety rail, fence or handrail.

What's New

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Decorative Wood Grains

We use the Decoral System® of sophisticated wood grain powder. It is a coating process that applies a decorative finishing deep into coated aluminum, steel, iron, glass, ceramic, plastic & other surfaces.


Build a Product

COMING SOON: Let Jayco Hawaii help you to customize the product you want. Choose your mounting type, infill option, top rail style, colors and finishes.


Customized Creations

There is nothing like the craftsmanship and beauty of handcrafted metalwork. Jayco can help you create something with a functional purpose or not, custom metal fabrication work definitely stands out.

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